Workshop for the Creation of a Micro-Insurance Development Strategy

On 9 June 2015, Mohammed VI Center for the support of Solidarity-Based Microfinance held a workshop for the creation of a micro-insurance development strategy in Morocco, in partnership with the International Labor Office (ILO), the National Federation of Microcredit Associations (FNAM) and the Moroccan Federation of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies (FMSAR).

Several key stakeholders from the microfinance and insurance sectors in our country have participated in this workshop: insurance companies, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the two Federations (FNAM and FMSAR), Moroccan microcredit associations (AMC), as well as our own institution represented by Mrs. Madiha Bouanani, Head of the Marketing Department.

The meeting started with a presentation by an ILO expert, Mr. José Miguel Solana, on the results of a Moroccan micro-insurance market diagnosis carried out during the month of May 2015 with Moroccan insurance companies and microcredit associations.

After this plenary session, participants convened in two break-up groups which were organized in order to allow for an exchange of ideas and expertise among the different stakeholders present with the idea of creating a development strategy:

  • Break-up Group 1 on identifying obstacles and solutions for pour the micro-insurance offerings, facilitated by Mr. José Miguel Solana, an ILO expert.
  • Break-up Group 2 on determining the constraints and solutions to induce demand, facilitated by Mr. Youssef Bencheqroun, Director General of AL AMANA Microfinance.