Micro-Insurance :

In partnership with Axa Insurance, we offer a micro insurance service that covers : welfare and any damage that may occur along our clients’ journey.

As far as welfare is concerned, it covers the following :

  • Death or disability starting from a Partial Permanent Disability rate of 80%.
  • Hospitalization, through daily allowances. This guarantee is mandatory for credits exceeding a certain amount.

By taking out such insurance, many advantages are at stake.

For example, compensation limits are higher than those of competitors.

Ultimately, this insurance avoids our clients taking drastic measures in the event of a crisis, and to focus on their business and their surroundings. This allows them to takemore risks for their business, significantly reduce their daily expenses while improving the quality of education and health services they and their families enjoy.

 Damage coverage includes compensation for damage caused by the loss. The amount of this guarantee can be up to twice that of the loan contracted. It covers the following :

  • Professional multi-risk (Fire, Flood, Theft, Civil Liability, etc. ).
  • Multi-risk Housing (Fire, Flood, Theft, Civil Liability. . . ) for all housing loans

Micro – support « AL IGHATA » :

AL IGHATA service, designed in collaboration with Axa Insurance , provides our policy holders a wide range of emergency support services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This is the most competitive rate on the market, while covering both the insured and his / her family.

This offer includes several services, namely:

  • The disbursement of a sum of money to the insured in case of the birth of a child .
  • Support from a doctor by telephone or sending a doctor to your home.
  • AXA Support organizes and takes care of the insured’s transportation by ambulance to the most appropriate hospital unit.
  • Support with hospital admission to a partner private clinic.
  • Repatriation of the stillborn baby.
  • Assistance in the necessary administrative formalities for burial.