Albaraka  is a microcredit institution, governed by the Dahir of November 1958 and the Law No 18-97 related to the exercise of microcredit activity. Founded in 1996, FONDEP has obtained the authorization to provide microcredit services by a Ministerial Decree issued on March 10, 2000.

The primary goals of Albaraka are to: ​

  • ​ Provide microcredits to disadvantaged people to enable them to start or develop their own activity and thus achieve their economic integration;
  • Provide its customers, with all operations related to microcredit, in particular training, advisory and technical assistance;
  • Carry out in favor of its customers all financial and para-financial transactions, in particular the distribution of insurance contracts to cover people and damages;​​

Through these goals, Albaraka encourages the creation and the development of income-generating activities, contributes to financial inclusion of low-income populations and supports the promotion of employment.​